Satisfied with the best

We are not difficult – the best is always good enough for us!

Do you value that things are done properly? Does doing a good job make you proud and happy? Do you want to be challenged to do your job with an even higher level of quality? Do you want to be part of a learning and developing culture? Do you want to have influence? Do you want to work somewhere where you are given recognition and responsibility? Then you could be an ideal candidate for a job with us. We do an important job, which is widely appreciated in society. We have many highly talented people on our team and are always on the lookout for others who will help to make us even better.

Norlandia has ethical guidelines which govern your rights and obligations as well as the responsibilities of the managers. It is vital to us that everyone at the company – employees, managers and directors – complies with our common ethical standards in the course of his or her duties. Integrity and ethics are an important part of the way we run our business. These guidelines are clear and accessible, and all employees at all levels must be familiar with them.


We enjoy our work

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