About Norlandia

Norlandia Care Group has 3500 employees and consists of three divisions: Preschools, patient hotels and elderly care. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

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Key figures

Financial information


Norlandia improves welfare services and becomes a reference point for society in developing quality preschools, patient hotels and elderly care that benefits the users.





Norlandia makes an important contribution to society by performing welfare services. Our ethical guidelines emphasize that everyone involved - employees, managers and directors - complies to our common ethical standard.

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Management Philosophy


Our Values

Yngvar dypetset

Board of Management

The group is organized in a way that inspires cooperation between business areas by having support functions such as finance, personnel, property and marketing work across business areas.

The model is based on a so-called matrix that will ensure that we utilize everyone's resources and expertise in the best possible way.

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