Hulda Gunnlaugsdottir new COO Elderly Care

I am pleased to announce that Hulda Gunnlaugsdottir will join Norlandia Care Group in the capacity as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Elderly Care division.

Hulda brings extensive experience to the position.  She has served as managing director of Ahus hospital and Aker hospital in Norway, as well as the national hospital in Iceland. She is currently project director with Sykehuspartner, which delivers services to the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority of Norway in the area of IT, HR and procurement.

In her new position, Hulda will have particular emphasis on expanding our elderly care operations beyond our current base in Norway and Sweden. With her unique background from senior positions in the hospital sector, she will spearhead initiatives to facilitate optimal use of resources for society in the cooperation between hospitals and nursing homes. She will work to continue to build the competency level of our employees, and secure knowledge transfer between countries and divisions.

Hulda will join our leadership team, the Board of management.  She will report to me and have her office in Oslo. The current heads of elderly care operations in Norway and Sweden, Gunhild Bergsaker and Kerstin Stålskog, will continue in their current roles and report to Hulda.

A native of Iceland, Hulda is trained as a nurse and has completed extensive continuing education in the field of management and health administration.

Hulda’s start date is August 17. We look forward to welcoming Hulda to the community of Norlandia.


Hilde Britt Mellbye