In the patient hotel, the family can be together

Tampere university hospital has developed a unique way to take care of the newborn child and its family. This new mode of operation was rewarded by the Finnish Medical Association Quality Award.

At the patient hotel, families can stay when pregnancy and childbirth has been normal and both the mother and the baby's condition meets the pre-agreed criteria. The perheonni-unit is supporting the early interaction between baby and parents. Thus, it provides a setting for attachment formation in a safe environment.
There are 16 family rooms and midwives. Pediatrician visit daily to inspect the babies.  If there is a need, the mother and baby are transitioned back to the hospital quickly.

Tampere University Hospital, who have created the family birth care patient hotel project, received the Finnish Medical Association Quality Award 12.02.2014. This offering is is unique in Finland. The Medical Association Quality Award was granted as a recognition of under the condition of health care to improved health care operations.  The award states that the positive effect on patients has been demonstrated. The hotel stayed families have been very satisfied: patient satisfaction has been an average of 4.7 on a scale of 1-5, measured.

Mothers and their families have been able to stay at the Norlandia Care patient hotel  in the hospital area from midsummer of 2013. The patient hotel has so far accommodated  more than 2,200 families. Tays is Finland's third busiest maternity hospital, with 5200-5400 births every year.

Patient hotels accommodate the desire to keep  families together. Thus, patient hotels facilitate the early interaction between baby and parents. This provides for the formation secure attachment bonds within a safe environment. The hotel allow for several family members to stay: The father or a support person, but also siblings.

Pregnancy and childbirth is the normal course of events at the hotel. In order to stay at the hotel, both the mother and the baby's condition meets the pre-agreed criteria. Currently, there are 16 family rooms, and the guests are taken care of by two midwives. Pediatricians visit daily to check up on the babies. If necessary, the mother and baby transition back to the hospital quickly.

The birth care patient hotel has freed up space in the maternity wards, where it has been possible to arrange 4 - 6 rooms for families in the hospital ward. 

In Tampere university hospital obstetric activity has been systematically developed over many years and the work will continue. After a few years, pregnant women, women who gave birth and newborns are treated in a new building to support the family-centered care. In the future,  a newborn baby and its mother can be together even if the baby needs monitoring, treatment and care in a hospital ward.